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About the Church

The Parish Church of St Lawrence is a lively and active worshipping community, open and welcoming to all, with a variety of services each Sunday. Midweek, there are activities including Baby Song, Toddlers, Tuesday communion, coffee clubs, warm spaces and small groups in peoples’ homes, as well as regular courses including Alpha, marriage, bereavement, and much much more! Connecting with the community, the church organises monthly volunteering: working on the canal, planting trees, or other local environmental projects.

Located in The Croft, the church building is right next to the canal and (unusually) well away from the centre of the town. With a busy footpath running through the graveyard, we have many visitors and we would love to encourage you to come and visit too. As well as being a really interesting historic building, it is a sanctuary. Sometimes that sanctuary is simply shelter from the rain or a place to sit, but it is also a space to meet God, in a place where people have been doing that for about a thousand years. In the far corner, there is an interactive prayer station, where anyone can light a candle, write a prayer request or pick up a card to give you the words to help you pray, and to find God’s comfort, strength, and hope.

For further information regarding the Church opening times and activities, please visit

About the Building

There are over 14,000 parish churches in England – about 12,000 are pre-Reformation and about 2,000 were built in a burst of church building during Queen Victoria’s reign, mostly in the new Gothic Revival style. The Parish Church of St Lawrence does not fit this pattern: located on the site of two earlier churches, it was built between 1814 and 1816 (so is Georgian) and was designed by Mr. Pinch of Bath. Extensive changes, mostly to the interior, were made in the 1880’s and in 2023/2024 the back of the church was re-ordered. St Lawrence’s church is Grade II* listed.

Alternatively, to find out more about the current building, please take the free digital tour by watching the video above.

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