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Hungerford is well connected to the rest of the country by road. We are just off the A4 that runs between Marlborough and Newbury as well as not being far from the M4 motorway connecting Hungerford to London and Bristol. There are lots of parking facilities available for visitors to the town depending on your final destination. The high street has plenty of parking on the west side which can be paid for on apps or at the machines. The majority of pubs, restaurants and hotels have their own car parks as does Tesco’s off the high street.

Hungerford is located at an important junction of several roads. The east-west London to Bath road, which became the Speenhamland to Marlborough Turnpike, and the north-south Oxford to Salisbury road, which became the Besselsleigh to Hungerford Turnpike and the Hungerford to Leckford Sousley Water Turnpike.

Church Street Pay & Display Car Park

Church Street
West Berkshire
RG17 0JG

Hungerford Station Road Car Park

Station Road
West Berkshire
RG17 0DY

Electric Car Travel to Hungerford

If you are travelling to Hungerford by electric car, as usual and depending on how far you are travelling you may need to know your re-charging options. Hungerford has 6 public lamppost / bollard charge points most suitable for overnight charging. You can see these on this map of the town. 

These are run by Shell / Ubitricity and require you to use their smartphone App. Faster, “Rapid” and other charge points are available on you way to or returning from Hungerford at – 

1. Cobbs Farm Shop has Pod Points and is located a few miles west of Hungerford.
2. Membury Services on both sides of the M4 has a good selection of chargers including Tesla Super Chargers.
3. Tot Hill Services on the A34 South of Newbury has both Tesla and a brand new selection of Shell Chargers.

Newbury Town Centre has some car park and fuel station Rapid charge points.

The Zap-Map smartphone App is a very good source of information on suitable charge points on your route to or from Hungerford.

Car Charging in Hungerford

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